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About Indiana Golden Gloves

Keith Boggs
Keith Boggs
Chairman of the Board
Dick Mills
Dick Mills
Jason Spears
Jason Spears
Vice President
Dee Plew
Dee Plew
Rick Gilbert
Rick Gilbert
Vickie Elder
Vickie Elder
Tournament Director

The Indiana Golden Gloves, Inc.
The Indiana Golden Gloves, Inc. is a not-for-profit Indiana corporation and has one of thirty franchises granted by the National Golden Gloves. Indiana Golden Gloves territory includes all of the state of Indiana except the areas in Lake and Porter counties and the Fort Wayne area. The Indiana "Gloves" is operated entirely by non compensated volunteers. The organization includes the following:

Board of Directors
Keith Boggs Dick Mills John Elder
Jason Spears Rick Gilbert Dee Plew
Vickie Elder Jim Paton Nathan Calvert
Dave Carr John Caldwell Doug Lyday

Past Presidents
Elmer Marchino (deceased) John Hamilton
Abe Thatcher (deceased) George DeFabis (deceased)
Jack Appel (deceased) Tom Lyday (deceased)
Dick Mills

Working Committee
George Alyea Stu Goldner Curtis Rhim
Gene Akers Tony Gray Linda Seyfried
Jamie Billings Ron Hicks Mike Seyfried
Nancy Bluitt Lonnie Hutchinson Kihm Skipper
Lori Boggs Sandi Kaser Myra Smith
Ike Boyd Jake Koeneman Kevin Simonton
Doug Bye Megan Koeneman Nicole Spears
Jackie Campbell Kenny Krebs Carolyn Spector
Mary Chanbers James Lahr Shannon Spector
Matt Cory Nancy Lahr Steve Stahl
Ron Crowe Carla Lepper Amanda Taylor
Russell Davis Steve McElwain Brad Taylor
Johnny Elder Ricky McKim Rebecca Townsend
Eugene Ferguson Sue McMahon Cherelle Treaonion
Meghan Freeman Eileen McManus Pat Van Doren
Lisa Fosnight Pat McPhearson Ernie Waterman
Terry Gaither Penny Millar Ophelia Wellington
Theresa Gaston Jackie Payne Fred Wright
Mike Gatto Brenda Patterson
Hazel Gillaspy Mark Pressley

Thanks to all of you who have volunteered your time over the years to
help make the Indiana Golden Gloves tournaments successful!

Referees, judges, timekeepers and other officials all serve out of the goodness of their hearts.

If you'd like to join the team, give us your contact information and let's talk!

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